Fringe 2016

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is upon us once again! 11 days of 169 shows throughout the Twin Cities. It’s a magical smorgasbord of theatre, storytelling and dance. With so many options, you’re probably wondering where to start. We’re here to help with some suggestions – shows featuring artists we’ve enjoyed working with in the past.

Featuring Duck Washington (Snowflakes, TEASE)

Windy moved to Texas but convinced her cast she could direct a show from 1172 miles away. The topic? Distance & communication. A rotating cabaret of storytelling, dance, games, and even a professorial lecture.

Break Your Heart Featuring Scot Moore (TEASE)

Stranded, heartbroken, and sleepless in an airport halfway around the world, a hapless guy decides to just keep flying until something, anything makes sense, resulting in a heartbreaking journey of a lifetime.

Caucasian Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales Featuring Duck Washington (Snowflakes, TEASE), Suzanne Cross (Raise Your Voice)

Mixing story-telling and sketch comedy in a blend of black-and-white concepts, Pandas is a humorous exploration of what it’s like to be mixed raced, handle stereotypes, and find your place in the world.

Celebrity Book Club Featuring Sarah Broude (TEASE)

Need advice? Celebrities have all the answers. Join our hosts and local celebrity guests as they bring you advice from the world’s leading experts on everything, celebrities.

Circus McGurkus Featuring Clara Costello (Company Member)

Dr. Seuss’ ‘If I Ran The Circus’ comes to life through live music and dance. Set to Camille Saint-Saëns’ ‘Carnival of the Animals,’ this high flying story about the power of imagination will delight all ages.

Good Friday with Dillinger Featuring Shalee Coleman (TEASE)

John Dillinger and Billie Frechette bring chow mein — and danger — as they drop in on friends in spring, 1934. Can Minneapolis hustlers Bess and Eddie survive a visit from Public Enemy No. 1?

It Came From UUFO Featuring Erin Denman (Company Member)

25 yrs ago, aliens abducted 5 West Winsomites. Will this year’s UFO festival bring back the aliens and the missing townspeople? 4 actors play 20+ characters, populating the town and all its strange visitors.

Mead Hall Featuring David Schlosser (TEASE), Clara Costello (Company Member)

A one-man production of Beowulf and a wild adaptation of Road House find their Fringe venue double-booked. They come to realize that a 5th century monster-slayer has a lot in common with a Missouri bar bouncer.

Penelope Featuring Alana Horton (Butter Princess)

Odysseus is famously slow, but Penny doesn’t sit on her hands for a decade. This spin on the classic finds more than matronly virtue in the enigmatic best-wife-ever. BBQ, murder, yarn. Well, not that much yarn.

So Bright the Night Featuring Duck Washington (Snowflakes, TEASE)

A hard-boiled historical drama about the Mexican-American experience in the 1930’s. A woman boards a train in hopes to rescue her husband from deportation (or worse) before they reach the Mexican boarder.

The Abortion Chronicles Featuring Scot Moore (TEASE)

Stories gathered from women and men all around you. Because abortion is more terrifying, funny, sad, complicated and necessary than you might expect. No more silence.

The Gun Show  Featuring Aaron Konigsmark (Raise Your Voice)

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy telling stories about guns. Guns are either fun or terrifying; tools or weapons; safe or deadly; necessary or useless. Can we please just talk about guns?

The Last Red Shirt Featuring William Marth (TEASE)

Set in The Original Series (TOS) Star Trek universe we follow “the last red shirt” while he travels through time and space as he tries to avoid becoming the final casualty of a famous sci-fi trope.

the place between Rob Ward (TEASE)

While your body sleeps, thoughts wake and drift deep into your subconscious. Fall into a dreamscape of physical theatre and experience dreams outside the confines of your mind.

The Real World Fringe Festival Featuring Sarah Broude (TEASE), Rob Ward (TEASE)

Find out what happens when people stop being polite in this absurdist reality TV satire from the writer of “I Make No Promises, But Someone’s Probably Going to Die.” There’s a hot tub.

Trump’s America (It’s Hell) Featuring Denzel Belin (TEASE)

250 years after a complete global collapse, the unlikely combination of a tender young caregiver and his warrior companion go on a search through hell to find the man he loves before it’s too late.

Writer’s Block Featuring Andrew Rosdail (TEASE)

An author finds herself held prisoner in an undisclosed location by unknown captors, forced to write a book by an unspecified deadline or else be shot. As time ticks by, her grip on reality starts to slip away.

Little Lifeboats at the Fringe

Fringe FestivalBesides the Little Lifeboats’ show opening on Friday, there is a strong presence of folks that have worked with us this past year!


Baby Carrot Featuring Robb Krueger (TEASE)

The tale of childless carrot farmers who teach their newfound baby – an actual carrot – about the world. A witch may throw a wrench in their plans by casting a spell on the carrot. Who will save Baby Carrot?

The Consolation Featuring Robb Krueger (TEASE)

War criminal Adolf Eichmann, on trial in Israel in 1961, attempts to make sense of what brought him there, while at the same time evaluating his own sense of what is true and what isn’t.

Everywhere You Look Featuring Andrew Rosdail (TEASE) and Jeff Nichols (TEASE 2014)

Muslims are persecuted in a dystopian future America where fear and freedom walk hand in hand. In the search for truth, a lawyer, a detective, and an imam are driven to a tragically violent confrontation.

Ferguson, USA Featuring Lucas Skjaret (TEASE)

Citizens unite amidst tragedy to repair a broken justice system funded by poverty. Interviews, media coverage, and the department of justice report inspire this collage of stories and spoken word.

Getting to Ellen Featuring Catherine Hansen (TEASE)

Adapted from local transgender activist Ellen Krug’s autobiography. A story about love and self-discovery. Ellen must find her authentic self in order to become who she really is on the inside.

Hank & Jesus Featuring Janet Preus (TEASE)

Finally sober, Hank is adrift with only his kind heart and bad country songs for navigation. A helpful visitor nudges him on a new path, home for a family Christmas, and closer to the miracle he really needs.

A House Has Many Dreams Featuring Suzanne Victoria Cross (Raise Your Voice, TEASE)

A house dreams of a family’s evolution, focusing on the moments encircling change and tragedy, when normalcy has just returned.

Leaving St. Paul Featuring Sarah Broude (TEASE)

A family is forced from their home during the 1960’s for opposing practices of racial segregation in Twin Cities neighborhoods. Inspired by a true, but seldom-told, slice of Minnesota history.

Madam Executioner Featuring James and Farrah Buffington (Board Members)

Botching the last execution, the executioner is ordered by the Prince to find an heir, or face the axe himself. Childless, he turns to the only one willing to do the job no man in England wants, his niece.

Medacity Featuring Comfort Dolo (Raise Your Voice)

Come trap yourself in a warehouse with two strangers: the unstable Gene and the mysterious Mindy. As they look for an escape they realize the danger is not what’s outside but what’s been waiting inside.

Mrs. Mortimer’s Xenophobic Travel Guide Featuring Sarah Broude (TEASE)

A Victorian-era Englishwoman teaches children about the nasty habits of foreigners. Some of her prejudices are what you’d expect; others are surprising. They’re all hilarious! And she was a real person.

Shelly Bachberg Presents: Orange is the New POTUS Featuring Joy Dolo (Company Member)

Minnesota’s wackiest politician is running for president again, this time from prison! Can she convince her suspicious cellmates that she’s the right woman for the job? A sequel to 2013’s smash hit musical!

The Sound of Footloose, The Not Musical Featuring Duck Washington (TEASE)

Maria is a novice living in Bomont, Vienna. Her heart wants to sing and dance but the town council, guided by her Mother Superior, has banned dancing in the city limits. What’s a novice to do but raise hell?

Trans Families Featuring Janet Preus (TEASE)

What happens to the children of transgender parents? Probably not what you think. In this heartwarming story, multiple families reinvent themselves, for when parents transition, families transform.

Two Jokes, One Act: The Boar and the Proposal Featuring Laura Delventhal (TEASE), Zac Delventhal (Friend of the Lifeboats), Aaron Konigsmark (Raise Your Voice, TEASE), Victoria Pyan (Company Member)

Popova mourns her lost loser. Smirnov can’t keep his pistol in his pants. Lomov has a heart attack. You’ve never seen two of Chekhov’s hilarious “jokes in one act” spliced into a single farce quite like this!

Last but not least, you should definitely come see our very own:

Confessions of a Butter Princess

Confessions of a Butter Princess or Why the Cow Jumped Over the Moon Featuring Erin Denman (Company Member), Chris Garza (Raise Your Voice, TEASE), Abby Swafford (Company Member), Victoria Pyan (Company Member), Clara Costello (Company Member)

On the planet Ceres,  a Cow and a Queen are trying to escape the wrath of the Princess Kay Chorus. Butter means life or death – okay, mostly death, in this comedy full eccentric characters and dairy art.

Rising Tides: Suzanne Victoria Cross

Suzane(005)-003a (640x427)

Suzanne Victoria Cross Photo Credit: Sarah Morriem

Last fall, Suzanne Victoria Cross was treading our boards and now she’s back on stage with Walking Shadow in their production of The Coward running through the 28th.  Suzanne has a lot of energy: she managed to finish planning her wedding which happened just two weeks after we closed Raise Your Voice(Suzanne Cross): That F—king Harriet Tubman Play.  

Walking Shadow is well known for their fine production of period pieces. This time, they’ve chosen to do a gender swap the cast, enabling them to take advantage of some serious female talent here in the Twin Cities.  Ladies can duel with the best of them; we’re looking forward to see what other fresh perspectives this choice lends to the text. Their first weekend of shows sold out, so buy your tickets early!

What drew you to theatre, acting specifically?

AHH! Well, my mom started to bring me to shows since I was able to sit still for an hour at a time. I just loved it. Wanted to be a part of it. I just always knew I wanted to be an actor. I knew that was the service I wanted to provide. Over the last 5 years, I have also had a calling for theatre for social change and theatre as a form of therapy and healing. I have worked with many organizations helping individuals explore their lives and issues in their community and country through theatrical exercises and expressions.

Why do certain projects jump out as something you want to say yes to?  What prompts you to audition for someone/something?

I would be lying if I didn’t say the first thing I actually look for is “Black female needed.” When you can work in this field, it’s a good day. Your eye has to be on booking the next job. In the beginning, focusing on quantity versus your own idea of quality can be necessary for survival as an actor. The goal and magic of this field comes when you book a job so you can eat and that job aligns with your skills, desires and passion as an actor. Then that’s a great day. I love roles that are thought-provoking and challenge the audience and myself to look at the world in a new way.

The Coward is a period piece that features an almost all male cast, but Walking Shadow has chosen to do a gender flip, how has it been rehearsing with a cast of almost exclusively women ?

Sorry to report no catfights in this cast. I get the pleasure of working with talented individuals who are taking names and risks left and right. This show has allowed me to become a sponge soaking up talent wherever I can. I am very lucky to be working with such a talented group of people. I also know this is said often when actors talk about cast members. In this case, Amy has done such a great job of casting. We all get to work and expand our wheelhouse, each character is evolving into (in my opinion) exactly who they are supposed to be. These actors, who happen to be women, have been great teachers.

Suzanne at rehearsal. Photo courtesy of Walking Shadow

Suzanne at rehearsal. Photo courtesy of Walking Shadow

Without spoilers, What character are you playing? What are the challenges of the role?

No spoilers? Ummmmmshoot. Ok. I am playing Egbert the Bartender and Sir Derek Lanley. My biggest challenge has been the accent. As my ex cast members from “Raise Your Voice” know, being British ain’t my thing.  Until now! Ha! We have a fantastic dialect coach Keely Wolter, who is so much fun to work with. I have spent many nights falling asleep listening to her voice on my iPod.

Is there sword fighting? Please say there is. Does stage combat get you excited or nervous?

I can’t give any spoilers! But i can say we do have a great choreographer, the lovely Meredith Larson. This play is a beautiful balance of honor, nobility and grace juxtaposed with bloody, bloody violence. I do love doing fight scenes! But unfortunately, I will not be participating in any of them for this show.

Anything coming up after The Coward? Future projects?

I am currently the Operations Manager of Teatro del Pueblo, a non-profit Latino theatre located in St. Paul.  I will be joining Penumbra’s Education & Outreach team as a Teaching Artist this spring.

You’re fairly new to the Twin Cities theatre community- what has surprised you about it?

I was born and raised in North Minneapolis and have been seeing theatre in this city since I was little. I love the wide range of theatre in this town. The most surprising thing to me is those wonderful fellowships that can take place between actors, if you’re open to it. The fellowship in the waiting room going into an audition, in the waiting room going into callbacks, coffee dates when you’re not cast and drinks at the bar when you are (sometimes that’s reversed) We all want the part! But when you find a great support group of actors, like I have found, we also all want each other to succeed. Both of these facts can exist in the same space. I love the friends I have made in the Twin Cities theatre community and the support they keep giving me.

If you could go back and give your younger self or someone else just starting out in theatre (specifically acting) some advice what would you tell them/yourself?

Do, see, read and breathe! Do! take any training, classes and workshops you can afford. use opportunities to work on your craft, even if it’s working on monologues in your living room in front of fellow performers. You’ll never be done learning and growing. This field isn’t finite.  It’s constantly changing, and so should you. See! Support the theatre scene you love and want to be a part of so badly. Don’t just audition for a part and then never see a show from that theatre company if you did not get cast. You auditioned for a reason. Support them.  Read! Keep expanding your knowledge of this art form and that includes new commentary, plays, poetry, novels, history, different genres of performance and films. Be a sponge!   Breathe! if you’re not cast, it’s not personal! Walk into that audition room take a deep breath and know after you leave it’s not in your hands. They choose. If they didn’t choose you, someone will. It’s about who was best for that show determined by that director. Theatre is subjective…Also clean your room, it’s gross.

If you were stuck in a lifeboat what would you need to have with you? (you’ve got food and water)

AHHHH! Ummm my husband Zach, plays (Stoppard, Ionesco, Wilson, Ruhl) all of the Frasier episode scripts, ice cream (you said food but I was worried ice cream wouldn’t count), flare gun, Radio/Cd player with lots of batteries. NOW 90s Dance CD!



Performances at the Red Eye Theatre (15 West 14th Street, Minneapolis MN 55403)  Febraury 6th- Febraury 28.  Evening performances at 7:30pm and Sunday matinees at 3:00pm.  For more ticket information visit