Little Lifeboats at the Fringe

Fringe FestivalBesides the Little Lifeboats’ show opening on Friday, there is a strong presence of folks that have worked with us this past year!


Baby Carrot Featuring Robb Krueger (TEASE)

The tale of childless carrot farmers who teach their newfound baby – an actual carrot – about the world. A witch may throw a wrench in their plans by casting a spell on the carrot. Who will save Baby Carrot?

The Consolation Featuring Robb Krueger (TEASE)

War criminal Adolf Eichmann, on trial in Israel in 1961, attempts to make sense of what brought him there, while at the same time evaluating his own sense of what is true and what isn’t.

Everywhere You Look Featuring Andrew Rosdail (TEASE) and Jeff Nichols (TEASE 2014)

Muslims are persecuted in a dystopian future America where fear and freedom walk hand in hand. In the search for truth, a lawyer, a detective, and an imam are driven to a tragically violent confrontation.

Ferguson, USA Featuring Lucas Skjaret (TEASE)

Citizens unite amidst tragedy to repair a broken justice system funded by poverty. Interviews, media coverage, and the department of justice report inspire this collage of stories and spoken word.

Getting to Ellen Featuring Catherine Hansen (TEASE)

Adapted from local transgender activist Ellen Krug’s autobiography. A story about love and self-discovery. Ellen must find her authentic self in order to become who she really is on the inside.

Hank & Jesus Featuring Janet Preus (TEASE)

Finally sober, Hank is adrift with only his kind heart and bad country songs for navigation. A helpful visitor nudges him on a new path, home for a family Christmas, and closer to the miracle he really needs.

A House Has Many Dreams Featuring Suzanne Victoria Cross (Raise Your Voice, TEASE)

A house dreams of a family’s evolution, focusing on the moments encircling change and tragedy, when normalcy has just returned.

Leaving St. Paul Featuring Sarah Broude (TEASE)

A family is forced from their home during the 1960’s for opposing practices of racial segregation in Twin Cities neighborhoods. Inspired by a true, but seldom-told, slice of Minnesota history.

Madam Executioner Featuring James and Farrah Buffington (Board Members)

Botching the last execution, the executioner is ordered by the Prince to find an heir, or face the axe himself. Childless, he turns to the only one willing to do the job no man in England wants, his niece.

Medacity Featuring Comfort Dolo (Raise Your Voice)

Come trap yourself in a warehouse with two strangers: the unstable Gene and the mysterious Mindy. As they look for an escape they realize the danger is not what’s outside but what’s been waiting inside.

Mrs. Mortimer’s Xenophobic Travel Guide Featuring Sarah Broude (TEASE)

A Victorian-era Englishwoman teaches children about the nasty habits of foreigners. Some of her prejudices are what you’d expect; others are surprising. They’re all hilarious! And she was a real person.

Shelly Bachberg Presents: Orange is the New POTUS Featuring Joy Dolo (Company Member)

Minnesota’s wackiest politician is running for president again, this time from prison! Can she convince her suspicious cellmates that she’s the right woman for the job? A sequel to 2013’s smash hit musical!

The Sound of Footloose, The Not Musical Featuring Duck Washington (TEASE)

Maria is a novice living in Bomont, Vienna. Her heart wants to sing and dance but the town council, guided by her Mother Superior, has banned dancing in the city limits. What’s a novice to do but raise hell?

Trans Families Featuring Janet Preus (TEASE)

What happens to the children of transgender parents? Probably not what you think. In this heartwarming story, multiple families reinvent themselves, for when parents transition, families transform.

Two Jokes, One Act: The Boar and the Proposal Featuring Laura Delventhal (TEASE), Zac Delventhal (Friend of the Lifeboats), Aaron Konigsmark (Raise Your Voice, TEASE), Victoria Pyan (Company Member)

Popova mourns her lost loser. Smirnov can’t keep his pistol in his pants. Lomov has a heart attack. You’ve never seen two of Chekhov’s hilarious “jokes in one act” spliced into a single farce quite like this!

Last but not least, you should definitely come see our very own:

Confessions of a Butter Princess

Confessions of a Butter Princess or Why the Cow Jumped Over the Moon Featuring Erin Denman (Company Member), Chris Garza (Raise Your Voice, TEASE), Abby Swafford (Company Member), Victoria Pyan (Company Member), Clara Costello (Company Member)

On the planet Ceres,  a Cow and a Queen are trying to escape the wrath of the Princess Kay Chorus. Butter means life or death – okay, mostly death, in this comedy full eccentric characters and dairy art.

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